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About AKD

IPO on the Free Market

Created in July 2005, the AKD company specializes in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics.

The AKD Company develops and sells a complete line of cosmetics, « effective and Glamour » on brand « Adriana Karembeu Paris » for face and body (300 references).
These products are distributed exclusively through beauty professionals (institutes, spas, etc.).
AKD develops a complementary Spas management, for the hotels advocating care Adriana Karembeu Paris.

The products marketed by AKD are personally designed and tested by Adriana Karembeu who also promotes.

Strategic axes chosen by AKD :
• Control quality and effectiveness of products, from design to implementation by focusing on innovation : Organic Silicium
• Focus on beauty professionals to thrive away from large groups
• Develop a very profitable complementary activity : Spas

Learn more about products AKD "Adriana Karembeu Paris"

Since its inception, AKD has made its No. 1 asset quality , Adriana Karembeu is a perfectionist.
She wants the best for its products.
AKD has built his own laboratory in France. All products with the brand « Adriana Karembeu Paris » are made without parabens, or phenoxyethanol and are not tested on animals.

The AKD Company now offers: :
• A complete line of cosmetics,
• A training center immersion "AKDmy wellness"
• A management activity Spas

AKD relies on work of 14 employees, including two researchers and has a management both experienced and charismatic Adriana Karembeu and Ludovic Morel.

For more details about the company, its business and its market, see our documentation.

Words of founders

We met in 2004 at the Vendée Globe Challenge, each representing a sponsor: Red Cross and UUDS.

Sympathizer around shared values​​, we discovered common aspirations and over time, the willingness to engage in a project together.

Thus was born AKD: the concern expressed by Adriana power, under any circumstances, use creams and lotions compatible and beneficial to the skin - its business - and the transformation of this need Alain true response product for all and for all.

This is a blank page that we left. It took up the team, and especially to attract researchers to develop products that comply with our ethics.

For distribution, it was not obvious. Which networks choose not to be crushed by large groups ?

Working hard, we have implemented our project, our ideas respecting the departure of quality, professionalism, efficiency and glamor.

Today these five years of effort and investment are rewarded. We are growing quickly and is to accelerate the growth that we want to introduce AKD exchange. This is also an opportunity to provide our customers Professionals Beauty, join in our success by acquiring shares.

Join us, make a stretch of road with us, participate in our IPO.

Adriana Karembeu and Ludovic Morel
AKD founders